Feeds and Notifications

Feeds and Notifications

L4D Map DB offers many ways of keeping up to date with the mapping scene.

RSS feeds

You're probably most interested in actual playable releases

rss.png New map releases
rss.png New campaign releases

Other RSS feeds

rss.png New maps (includes WIP)
rss.png New campaigns (includes WIP)
rss.png New mappers

News, forum, and feedback:

rss.png New news
rss.png New threads
rss.png New posts

All map, campaign, and forum pages have an RSS button in the address bar so you can subscribe to a specific discussion. For mappers, this is a nice way to keep track of feedback.

E-mail notifications

Once you join the site, you have the ability to "watch" specific pages and conveniently receive e-mail alerts whenever they are edited or commented on. Simply use the page watching button in the bottom right corner of any map or campaign page. By default, you start watching any page you create, edit, or post on (also very useful for mappers to be notified of feedback). It's easy to deactivate e-mail alerts if you don't want them.

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