Left 4 Dead SDK

16 May 2009 07:09

The Left 4 Dead SDK, officially known as the Left 4 Dead Authoring Tools, is now available as an Open Beta on Steam! You can find and download it in your Steam tools tab.

The package includes:

  • Updated Hammer, the Source level editor
  • Suite of command line compiling utilities, such as studiomdl and map compiling tools
  • Updated Particle editor
  • Updated Faceposer
  • Example maps
  • Example models: common Infected, a breakable prop, and explosives

More info at the VDC wiki:

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Recent comments

Hello all
(by davidjohn2121 10 Mar 2018 11:21, posts: 2)
is so fun and cooooooooooooL
(by rembrandt (guest) 07 Jul 2017 12:06, posts: 13)
Mate, I know it's kinda naviely but… Is it still possible to download your map (campaign)?
(by CHAD_KAPLAN 15 May 2017 15:39, posts: 1)
I need to try this, i loved dead set, thanks for making it dude
(by Ethan Becconsall (guest) 23 Dec 2016 02:57, posts: 4)
Not without more details, no.
(by eyeonus 19 Dec 2016 09:13, posts: 51)
1) I need more details than "It doesn't work." 2) Last time I checked, it worked fine...
(by eyeonus 19 Dec 2016 09:12, posts: 51)
so i can't put "z_spawn hunter" it doesn't work
(by Deathturn (guest) 19 Dec 2016 08:30, posts: 51)
Pretty nice map. However, it's only 1 chapter long and lacks a finale, way too short. Other than...
(by ErrorUnknownGT 01 Dec 2016 18:25, posts: 2)
It was an alright campaign. The map design was quite cool and unique though, shame it was never...
(by ErrorUnknownGT 01 Dec 2016 16:10, posts: 1)
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