Chapter 5: Boathouse Finale

Chapter 5: Boathouse Finale

[The map focuses around a boathouse and dock by a riverside, where players find a radio and mounted minigun. From the house, a boat is called in, starting the finale sequence. Players have to defend themselves inside the house and on the surrounding multilevel deck, waiting for the boat to arrive. When the boat does arrive, the players have to move out of the cover of the house to go to the dock, where they can board the boat to finish the campaign.

Supplies are found inside the house on the first floor, nearby the radio. Health kits can be found in a medical cabinet on the first floor. The minigun and usual spawn points for Molotov cocktails and pipe bombs can be found on the upstairs deck. The minigun position can cover a limited area on one side of the house, leaving the other side open for horde attacks. The water behind the house is shallow and can be walked through by humans and infected. A Molotov cocktails will set fire if thrown in the water, as if it had been thrown on dry land.

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