Chapter 1: The Outskirts

Chapter 1: The Outskirts

Crescendo Events

  • Gun Shop - This is a event is a non-stop horde, you'll need to turn off on bottom floor. Because of prior comments, this event includes written on screen prompts and signs that light up through objects to help players out.
  • Train Cargo - This event is a run through, don't stop here you must make it to safe room. You may see a Tank so keep together, you can stock up before event at the Ceda Station.

Survivor Tips

  • Check all the area for extra med packs. Some of the med pack locations will place you at extreme risk from sharp special infected.

Versus Tips

  • Boomers can maximize damage early on by hitting the survivors in the buildings or sewers.
  • Sewers are the very best way to damage the survivors use good combinations.

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