Chapter 1: The Mire

Chapter 1: The Mire

I'm quite happy with how this map is turning out, I think I've managed to get the creepy feel I wanted. The map is not very large, but the narrow passageways through the trees and water (and of course the zombies) will probably lengthen it a bit.

UPDATE: 5th/June/2009:
New screenshots added.

A dark, fog filled and miserable swamp. The car has bogged, not that you would be able to go far in this mess of trees and mud. Apparently theres a town towards the north, hopefully they can make it through the swamp and get there before the zombies get them? or will the murky depths of this mire ultimtly be their final resting place?
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The swamp is not a very big map, but it is littered with little sinkholes and a maze of trees, not to mention zombies. It is also very dark.

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