I downloaded a map. How do I install it?

Please read our installing maps guide.

I need help with Left 4 Dead.

Visit the official Left 4 Dead forum for any kind of support issues. They're really helpful. You can ask on our forum too.

Essential Console Commands I wanted to gather some of the basic console commands around for everyone to be easily accesible in one thread. The list is far from finished and I would be glad if others contribute.

Do I have to join L4D Map DB to help?

Although some basic anonymous editing and commenting is allowed, an account will give you a lot more power. You must have an account to add new content.

Does L4D Map DB allow work-in-progress maps?

Yes! Mappers are encouraged to use the wiki for showing progress on their maps.

You create server Steam Group Left 4 Dead Map Database (L4DMapDB)

The ID of the steam group that this server belongs to. You can find your group's ID on the admin profile page in the steam comm
sv_steamgroup 584563

Why do you give all the credit to mappers? Other people help too.

For L4D Map DB, our niche is maps. We'd rather do one thing right instead of trying to cover everything. However, we fully recognize the efforts of everyone involved. Left 4 Dead mapping wouldn't even be possible without the hard work of Valve Software, Turtle Rock Studios, texture artists, as well as model and sound designers. Their invaluable contributions are listed in the credits section of each map page.

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