Author Darth_Brush
Date of release waiting for SDK
.bsp filename l4d_deadbeforedawn_02


The second map in the Dead Before Dawn campaign.

A replica of the massive 3-level mall in Dawn of the Dead (2004). Originally it began as a map for the No More Room in Hell mod and is currently undergoing a major overhaul in its port to Left 4 Dead. A beta version was supposed to be out by Christmas, but it was postponed because the SDK hasn't been released.

Additional info

  • As part of the Dead Before Dawn campaign, Crossroads Mall follows The City and precedes Consumer World.
  • As of 2006, development time totaled 350 hours over 8 months.
  • has an exclusive interview with Darth_brush discussing Crossroads Mall.

Additional credits

reko - (models)
slip77 - (models)



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