Zombies on a Bus

Zombies on a Bus

Author Ajax
Date of release WIP - not released
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This was started for Zombie Panic Source as a "last stand" idea. The last stand was to take place on a bus…just a small map, the survivors are in their bus and the hordes of Zombies keep swarming. However, it has now been transformed into a Left 4 Dead idea with a possible campaign. Map 1 would be finding the bus and getting it repaired and running. Map 2 was going to be getting extra supplies then driving the bus out of town (for driving a path track would be laid out and as long as a survivor was at the wheel, the bus would follow its path). Map 3 would see you running out of fuel out in the country…there would be a farmhouse and barn where you would have to get get fuel and bring it back to your bus.

The bus is built with destroyable seating, side panels, and roof panels. After several waves though, the side panels start to take a beating and the horde begins to pour in from all over.

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