Zions Fall
Author All Alone Productions
Date of release ST (Some time) 2009


"Zions Fall" is an upcoming campaign about a completely made up city (Called zion obviously :| ) the four survivors wake up together (not in a sexual way) not knowing what has happened or why they are in a tv shop but they find out about the earths apocalypse due to the 40 odd TV's informing them of this. They have got limited supply of pistols some ammo and one first aid kit (for a more realistic approach), they then embark on their mission to reach the mall because the army have set up a rally point at the front of the mall to save the remaining un-infected. The campaign has 5 maps that will lead to a finale at the mall entrance to then try and escape with the army.
We are looking for a modeller, texturer and an audio man to complete the team please email - moc.liamtoh|2002natasliL#moc.liamtoh|2002natasliL if you are willing to help :)

Chapter 1: We're On TV!

To start with you and four survivors are in the tv shop and you witness the massacre. None of you remember how you ended up there, what is going, or why you are holding a gun. All you do know is that what looks like diseased humans are eating living people all around the cities and they are trying to break into the shop you are in. You have to fight your way down numerous streets until you end up at one side of Built To Last Bridge.sdds

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Chapter 2: Built to Last Bridge

You start off at the end of a bridge covered in smashed up vehicles and trash and dead bodies. You have to fight the horde that keeps swarming the bridge. Half way across the path is blocked so you have to find a way around it, then get to the end of the bridge and into the car park of the zion mall.

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Chapter 3: Cosey Nights Sleep

You will start off in the back of the van in the car park of the zion mall. You will have to fight through endless amounts of horde past wrecked cars and and then through a park and other stuff. You then reach the army barracks which leads you downstairs into some sewers and you follow the sewer lines all the way to a boiler room, which you barricade yourself into for a rest.

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Chapter 4: Shopping Trip

You start in the sewer under the toilets of the shopping mall coming up out off a cubicle were the floor has been blown away. You have to go through the shopping mall and gather supplies from the different stores, and then end up in the security room on the upstairs floor of the mall.

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Chapter 5: The Lobby

You start in the security room of the mall you have to press the fire alarm button to get out of the secured door, which alerts lots of the horde towards your position and this is just the start.

You will then work down to a big lobby of the shopping mall you passed through during episode 4 and you have to hold out in the lobby. There will be lots of open ground and two escalators with stairs either side of them going diagonal towards the entrance.

After you have held all of the zombies off you will have to run outside and get in the army apc and escape.

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