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A work-in-progress five map campaign based on a derelict cable car station at Mt. Kumotori in Japan. Players start in the streets of Tokyo and have to escape to the rural mountains, passing through a temple complex, cable car stations, woodlands, a mining village, and finally reaching a decaying hotel at the top, at which a rescue should be nearby.

Maps planned:

Tokyo Alleys
The Temple Complex
The Ropeway (actual map title not known)
map4/Hotel (actual map title not known) - Once out of the mine, the survivors follow a road to a decaying spa/hotel. This is more closed-quarters, with narrow corridors, bars, hotel rooms, baths etc, but some bigger areas like halls and dining areas.
Maya Kanko - A (fairly) accurate recreation of the Maya Kanko hotel in Kobe. Survivors have to get to the roof and hold out there.

Chapter 2: The Temple Complex

Not much to say other then there will be temples. Survivors just follow the paths, with a few shops or other enterable buildings along the way. When they get to the main shrine (the huge temple in the screenshots), I want a crescendo event but can't think of anything yet. After that, they go into the woods and find a tunnel leading to a cable car station, and take the cable car up the mountain, but it breaks down near a maintenance station, which doubles as a safe room.

The lighting seen is the screenshots is temporary.

Chapter 3: The Ropeway

The power has cut out, so someone needs to go down the lift and through the dark tunnels to get to the generator room, while the other 3 stay and defend against a hoard of zombies (this might be turned into The Temple Complex's crescendo event). Once the power's back on, they carry on up to the top ropeway station, and after more woodland, they come to a small mining village, which has been derelict for a few decades. Humans have to go through a school, and then into a few mine buildings/shacks. There might be another crescendo event here where the survivors go into the mine itself, and alert the zombies by calling the lift back to the surface.

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