The Mortuary
Author Poor
Date of release 3 playable maps


The survivors must go to the mortuary to examine the infection. The campaign includes many places to visit Metro> Car Park> Industry> City> Mortuary

- New textures
- New Tag with humor
- Each meter was tested many of times to ensure it is fun.
- Lots of work on the lighting
- Lots of work on the detail and artistic research on key areas, tape to look impressive.

2000 + hours worked.

BETA 0.9 Changelog

- You can now play on the 3nd map.
- Fix changelevel location spawn on all campagn map.

BETA 0.9 Changelog

- L4d_Mortuary01 has been extended.
- You can now play on the 2nd map.
- Optimization everywhere.
- Many minor fix.

BETA 0.8 Changelog

- Added more detail in some place
- Improved ligting
- Many parts optimization
- Added more rooms
- The custom textures should now appear
- The map should no longer crash when the first launch
- Removed orange fog (it was a bad idea)

The Mortuary 02

The Mortuary 03

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