The Last Dinner

The Last Dinner tt_sv.png

Author JohnMcNeal (Ufuk Tan)
Date of release 1.0 05/08/09
.bsp filename l4d_sv_thebrigetohell11.BSP


The Last Dinner is a Survival map. It puts you at the End of the City and leads you to a Restaurant where you can
call the Army… but will they come to rescue you?

Additional info

This is my very first map i've created in 4 Days… I'm looking forward to hear from you people if you liked my map!

Additional credits

A special Thank you goes to my Friends
Thank you for playing the beta maps with me and helping me make it even better! :3


5/8/09 - fixed the problems of the .vpk file and now its playable.
5/8/09 - added new light effects and some other stuff! :3
5/8/09 - fixed special infected block, now they can walk freeleee :D
5/8/09 - changed the breakable minigun with a non-breakable for more firepower fun! :D
9/8/09 - Fixed the wrong download link ingame
9/8/09 - Fixed Ambulance blocking Bots & Specialinfected and also the Truck for better gameplay!


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And here is the Official Trailer just 4 YOU!

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