Silent Hill 1
Author Leafo
Date of release V5.0 - 10/08/2009
.vpk filename silenthill_5.0.vpk


Based on the first Silent Hill game for the Playstation.

6/7 Maps Available - 90% Complete
- Town
- School
- Alternate School
- Church
- Hospital
- Alternate Hospital

- Other Church 25% - to be added later.

Additional info

To ensure that the sound works correctly, please type "snd_rebuildaudiocache" in the console and wait for the process to be over before playing.

Additional credits




Finally it is uploaded properly, took me 4 tries. Don't expect to see an update for a long time if this continues.


Beta Version 4.0

6 maps is included.
Every nav mesh has been recreated from scratch.
Spawn works.
Every texture works.
New Movie Poster at the loading screen.
Fixed the puzzles/improved them.
Added some guide lines (you'll see)


Beta Version 1.0

Lots of things has happend, i added more details on the outdoor maps. I was going to type lots of other stuff i added, but that would be a big spoiler. I will tell you one thing though, i had one effect on a certain map that i removed long time ago due to it blocked players, but now it is back in action and its working propely :)

Inside Midwich Elementary School, map two, i optimized the performance alot, so i hope that will be an satifaction.

I think i got the sounds right this time, so they would play where it should be played from the start like in the game.

Made everything stuff like, pipe bombs, fuelcans, pain pill and so on, so they spawn at random and/or that the director desides where on all maps.

I reconsidered and gave some thoughts about the ideas, tips, that you have commented on to unclude it anyways, some of it anyhow. :P


Lots of improvements has been done, created a skybox from scratch, fixed small bugs, added more hints to easier advance. One weapon added on the first map, pipebombs, fuelcans, changed the lightning, fog has been changed. If you had performance issues earlier, that has been optimized on all maps so far and i look into further problems there. Dont really remember anymore changes at the moment.


No revision notes have been added by the developer.

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