The Grave Outdoors
Author Megadude
Date of release Complete version 2.0 - 13th July 2013


The infected are everywhere and the city is no longer safe. You have to get out of there. Get out of your apartment building and down to the street. From there, head through the supermarket and shopping centre and get into the sewers. Make your way through a nearby factory. After that, it's just a short run through the countryside, past a prison, to the train station where rescue may be waiting.

*8 maps for co-op and versus modes.
*4 maps include survival mode.
*6 crescendo events including 2 gauntlet style events.
*Several different types of panic events.
*Mini game with a reward or punishment and easter eggs to find.

Maps planned:

Leaving Town - released
Retail Therapy - released
Underground Adventures - released
Industrial Incident - released
The Source? - released
Rural Run - released
Prison Break - released
Riding Bessie - released

Progress: 100% done

Chapter 1: Leaving Town

100% done and released.

Leaving Town is the first map. It's set around a block of apartment buildings and offices and the street below. Navigate your way down to the ground floor, then get through the alley or the hotel, then into the saferoom across the street.

Chapter 2: Retail Therapy

100% done - released.

Retail Therapy is the second map. It's set around a supermarket, shopping centre and bus station. Can you resist the big bargains on sale long enough to save your life?

Chapter 3: Underground Adventures

100% mapping done and released.

Industrial Incident is the third map. It's set around a section of sewers and the start of a factory. I wonder if we'll find anyone we know working here.

Chapter 4: Industrial Incident

100% done and released.

Industrial Incident is the fourth map. It's set around the remainder of the factory that was first seen in the previous map. Put those infected to work or fire them……..with a molotov!

Chapter 5: The Source?

100% done and released.

The Source? is the fifth map. It's set around a wooded rural area and a laboratory facility. Could we find out who's responsible for the infection?

Chapter 6: Rural Run

100% done and released.

Rural Run is the sixth map. You're now out in the countryside going by a river and through hilly woodland areas. Enjoy your run. Maybe chat to your fellow runners chasing after you, eager to discuss jogging technique and rip the flesh from your bones.

Chapter 7: Prison Break

100% done and released.

Prison Break is the seventh map. It's time for further adventures in the great outdoors, including a little trip inside the grounds of a prison, if you can break into it.

Chapter 8: Riding Bessie

100% done and released.

Riding Bessie is the final map. You've reached the station. No time for trainspotting here. Hope the trains are still running on time.

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