No Mercy


Author Valve
Date of release November 18, 2008
November 6, 2008 (demo)


The video that plays when you start up Left 4 Dead is the prelude to this campaign.

The No Mercy campaign finds you on the rooftop of an obliterated apartment complex, deep in the heart of the once-thriving metropolis of Fairfield—now completely overrun with hordes of Infected. A voice from a bullhorn calls out from a rescue helicopter: Get to the roof of nearby Mercy Hospital and be airlifted to safety. Even if it means shooting your way through narrow alleys, open sewers and seething waves of zombies to get there.

Chapter 1: The painroad

Walk and walk and walk and walk till you feet bleed! X(

Chapter 2: The Subway

Move through the ruins and smoldering wreckage of the subway system until reaching the surface closer to Mercy Hospital.

A shorter version of the map was included in the Left 4 Dead demo, although you could noclip to see the rest of it.

Chapter 3: The Sewer

In The Sewer, survivors must make their way through a portion of the city's industrial district, fighting through the streets and in warehouses before making their way to the sewer system. After a somewhat brief, often-confusing trek through the underground labyrinth, players must climb to the surface once again, emerging directly in front of Mercy Hospital and the safe room just beyond the lobby. Alternating between wide open expanses and narrow corridors, players must be ready to adapt their tactics to survive.

Chapter 4: The Hospital

You're finally at Mercy Hospital. Quickly make your ascent up the building and get to the rooftop where an evacuation helicopter is waiting.

Chapter 5: Rooftop Finale

In the No Mercy campaign's finale, survivors find themselves inside the roof access of Mercy Hospital, where they must fight their way the short distance to the roof and signal a nearby helicopter for rescue. Upon activating the radio, players have 15 minutes to survive the onslaught of the zombie horde before rescue arrives, then fight their way across the rooftop to the helipad and to safety. In addition to the high ground provided by the structure itself, players are provided with a number of fuel canisters and propane tanks for defense, as well as raised towers on either side of the main building which afford room to maneuver and provide crossfire. Pipe bombs and/or molotov cocktails frequently spawn on these towers.

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