Author Taurous
Version Unreleased
.bsp filename l4d_sv_isolation
Date of Release N/A


You have found a building in the middle of nowhere and discovered that it once held survivors. It is stock piled with weapons and food, but where are the survivors? There aren't any bodies anywhere, and you haven't seen infected for a few days now… No bodies, but alot of blood.

I have taken down the download link and pretty much recreated this page and I am redo-ing my map because it had severe noob problems, I going to take my time this time and get it all done right, I hope to have it finished by the end of the summer, or at least before L4D2 comes out.
In Progress… No set release date.

Additional credits

Credits to hellogoat for most of the lighting (moc.liamg|etap.nayr#moc.liamg|etap.nayr)

This project has been abandoned.


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