Health Reform (beta)

Health Reform (beta)

Author UndeadBob
Date of release 1.1 (beta)- 5 September 2009


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Over the last couple of months, I've completed "The Institution" and "The Garage" in that order. Don't ask why I started with level 4. I am currently in production of level 2: The Warehouse. I hope to have level 1 done by the end of September, and I will be sure to have beta releases out before that.

Please note that this is a beta campaign and I have not worked out most of the kinks. However, I try to keep most of the gameplay as stable as possible, so unlike most custom campaigns, the bots should know what to do *most* of the time.

Known Issues:
1) Upon death of survivors, they may respawn in the ending checkpoint when reloading level.
2) Guns/health packs may not spawn in safe rooms


The Warehouse
The Institution
The Garage (Health Reform)

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