Gore Factory
Author GrandDK
Date of release V.2.9 08-08-09
.VPK filename l4d_Gore_Factory.vpk


(Co-op - Versus)

You start of at the entrance to the Factory area. From here you can see some stairs going up to the 4th floor outside of the mainbuilding, up here you can activate the door to unlock at the warehouse making it possible to continue your journey to safety.

From the warehouse you now have access to the mainbuildings offices from here you have to fight your way to the 3rd floor to enable acess to the roof. You have to fight a finale event and then run like hell! As you have to run all the way down to the ground floor to reach the stairs that goes upto the 4th floor and thus enabling you to get access to the roof as the door is now unlocked.

Map is now Saw themed with custom Jigsaw voices to guide you through the level.

Additional info

Map features

Gauntlet events
Semi randomized panic events (I choose Semi for an even balance but will still seem randomized in game)
randomized molo/pipe spawns
No health other than in the safe-room

Servers running the map

I have 2 servers which will have the map and will be running at all times.

Both of them is located in Amsterdam.

If you want your server listed post a comment and i will be sure to add your server to the list.


I have created a steam group which is public you can join here for to find other players with the map making it easier to find a game

Gore Factory SteamGroup

Additional credits

A big thanks goes to irate from l4dmaps community (creator of Dam it!) which made a prefab enabling in game text much appreciated your help making this happen.
Custom voices made by Sound Wizard a pro sound engineer www.soundwizardry.com


08-08-09 v 2.9 Released

Startroom re-textured
Exterior walls resized in the start area
Breakable wall added to the first test area
Weapon spawns tweaked
Added more particles to create an even better atmosphere
AI now fixed and will enter the elevator
Removed unnecessary clipping

08-02-09 V 2.3 Released

Stairs fixed for Infected
Elevator escape added
Tier 2 weapons added (Randomized single spawns)
Floating door fixed
AI fixed now works from start to end

08-02-09 V 2.0 Released

*Map outdoor areal completely revamped for higher fps
*Detail sprites now working
*More detail added throughout the level
*Fixed lighting
*Advanced Shadows added
*Custom voice added (Theme Jigsaw known from the "Saw" movies will guide the players through the level (Made by Sound Wizard a pro sound engineer www.soundwizardry.com)
*Office building revamped and optimized
*Better guiding through the finale
*Optimized AI flow

12-07-09 V 1.5 Released

CO-OP version of the map added to the .vpk
Outro image added

12-07-09 V 1.3 Released

Ingame download link fixed
Map heavely optimized (FPS wise)
stairs remade in the tower for better ai flow
Created a new opening into the warehouse where Infected can crawl through (Fixes the horde spawning behind the door before its unlocked)

09-07-09 - Map Released!


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