Farm of Death
Date of release Beta - January 2, 2009
.bsp filename l4d_farm_of_death


4 people if inside see canine tooth of a house of abandoned farm, and try of all the ways to survive in the wait of a rescue…

Detailed map, with fog defects and many plants and trees to give to the player a climate of suspense and fear.

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Details of the Map:

  • Weapons, the ammunition etc, spread for all house
  • Minigun in the entrance of the house
  • 3 RescueZones to rescue players died in the fight
  • Barricade system (the player can construct barriers with wood in the doors and windows of the house)
  • 3 X more zombies and system of perpetual panic with seconds of rest.
  • NAV MESH edited hand to hand to give the best movement for the infected players and bots!

About Barricade system:

  • Use it with moderation!!!
  • Therefore the wooden amount that if can use to construct the barriers is limited.
  • At a moment they go to finish itself and you will have that to fight with all its forces!

This map can be played in versus mode!
Just rename the map:
Name: l4d_farm_of_death
change to
Name: l4d_vs_farm_of_death
You need change the map name and the NAV file to work!

Note: The map forces sv_cheats to 1

  • The beta version of Farm of Death is discussed in Episode 7 of the Survivors Diary podcast.
  • Reviewed by InkofDeath at Left 4 Dead Forums (see related video demo).

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Video demo to accompany InkofDeath's review

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