Death Sentence

Death Sentence

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Author Megadude
Date of release Version: Final 1.0 - Release date: July 2009
.bsp filename l4d_sv_death_sentence


Final release of a L4D Survival map set in a prison. You are trapped inside one of the cellblocks. Your only option is to break the windows of the 1st floor control booth, flip the Security Reset button, and hope for a miracle.

Additional info


Place the VPK into your left 4 dead/left4dead/addons folder, or place it anywhere and double click on it to install it.

Future updates:

I did have a reskin made to turn some of the infected into prison uniform wearing infected, but it seems that custom skins are not currently working in VPKs. Once Valve sorts this out, I'll release an update with the new prisoner reskin.


Changes since Beta v2.0:

*Adjusted/added more detail throughout map.
*Added more weapon items.
*Added soundscapes.
*Opened up access to more outdoor areas.

Changes since Beta v1.0:

*Added barriers to walkways.
*Changed lighting in stairwells.
*Added TV room, bathroom and cafeteria.
*Added more weapon items.
*Added more props and details throughout map.
*Improved nav file.

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