Dead Set
Author LewisRocks93
Date of release Now - Summer 2010


This campaign will be based around the drama Dead Set which aired on channel 4 the week of Halloween 2008. It is set in the Big Brother house where house mates have no contact with the outside world. Because of this, they have no idea everyone has gotten infected. The campaign will feature many areas of the show such as replicas of the Big Brother House, The Supermarket and The Car Park to mention a few. A few early betas of the maps may be released as soon as they are completely playable but as of 08/02 only the templates have been designed. Stay tuned for more details when they appear.

Production Office
Big Brother House
Car Park
Big Brother's Finale

What it looks like right at this moment in time


This is what it used to look like however it had to be redone :/


Sharpshooter232 - tester
discdeath - tester

Chapter 1: Production Office

It takes the survivors through the zombie infested production offices, which then leads outside and then finally ends at the Big Brother House.

Pre-Pre-Alpha build looks quite dull at the moment but is playable and seems to be quite fun. Props and physics objects maybe incorporated soon.

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There are hundreds more maps for Left 4 Dead! Here are a few:








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