Author PoPa_TouFFe*Qc
Date of release 31 august 2009
.bsp filename l4d_sv_cimetiere


Try to survive in a old cimetery, Find powerful guns for a bloody defense. search em because they are not easely found :)

Essayer donc de survive dans ce vieux cimetiere, il vous faudra chercher pour trouver les armes puissante, car il sont bien cacher :)

je vien de transformer mon hammer pour l4d2 donc je devrais etre en mesure de l adapter a l4d2 bientot et de la faire en scavenge !!!

-Survival Map .VPK

Additional credits

sorry for my bad writting, i am quebecois (french canadian)
*VIVE LE QUEBEC LIBRE* thanks to all (merci)


download the torrent zip, extract, and double click on .vpk and that all

console : mp_gamemode survival
map l4d_sv_cimetiere_05
host locally server in survival map and
console : changelevel l4d_sv_cimetiere_05

PLZ leave your comments about the difficulty … Thanks !!!
my nickname on steam is PoPa_TouFFe*Qc


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