Chopping Zombie

Chopping Zombie



Author MaximusPM
Release Date 2009.08.21 (DEMO)
Filename max01_choppingzombie_demo.vpk

This campaign REQUIRES Maximus Shared Content Addon v1.0(or Higher)


The survivors start at the suburbs of Halder City with the objective of reaching the nearest police station to seek rescue… But things aren't as good as they expected.

Maps planned:

The Suburbs
The Alleys
The Police Station
The Sewers
The Mall

Additional Info

  • Fewer Items scattered around the maps. Limited resources even inside safe houses.
    • This was planed as a coop improvement feature. I hope it works like that.
    • All weapon spawn counters are set to 1, that means only one spawn at each spawn location.
      • Bots don't like this. They can grab as many weapons as they want from a spawn location even if there is no weapon left. If they get the weapon before the players, players won't be able to get the weapon. I'm working on a few "Bot friendly" ideas to counter this behavior.
  • The game doesn't seem to like wide open areas. In these areas just few infected spawn and sometimes there are vast areas with no single infected. Both maps include areas like these, and it might look a bit empty while the narrow areas will seem crowded. I can't control this unless I use triggers and infected spawning entities, which I don't want to use. Anyway, I've played the maps several times and I guess the experience was quite solid, with a pretty descent number of infected killed by the end of the demo(around 650-800).
  • The navigation files were hand made. This way I could change the first map nav file from 95mb(self generated nav) to around 420kb.
  • There is a fake safe house at the ending of map 2 with a fake finale. The map isn't ready yet.


Demo version has been released. First map is 90% complete. Second map is 75% complete.

Known Bugs/Issues

  • A few navigation issues.
  • On map 1, The Suburbs, weapon control algorithm doesn't seem to be working.
  • On map 2, The Police Station, missing bar on starting safe house door.
  • On both maps, pistols/molotovs/pipebombs/pills/medkits/gascans/propanetanks doesn't seem to be working as intended.

Update News

2009.09.27: Decided to break map 2 into 2 smaller maps: The Alleys and The Police Station. The Alleys will be the first part of the previews iteration of The Police Station (The version included in the demo) and the new The Police Station will feature the final parts not included in the demo version, which consist of a Warehouse and a Police Station.

2009.09.27: It's been a while since I last updated, so I decided to give you guys some news about the development. I've searched everywhere how to fix the problem I was having when hosting the campaign but couldn't find anything, so I decided not to worry about it right away. With the demo version released I took some time to breath and not work on any campaigns. Right now I would love to go back to work, but I'm having a really busy time at college, so I have absolutely no spare time to work on the campaign. I wanted to have map 2 ready(and perhaps map 3) by the time Left 4 Dead 2 hits our machines, but it seems I wont be able to do it. I'm setting a really utopian date here, but I'll try to finish the campaign until late January(My vacations will start about mid December. Until there, I don't think I'll be working on the campaign). Hopefully, we'll already have L4D2 Authoring tools by then and I'll be able to release both versions.

2009.08.21: Demo version released!

2009.07.27: Started mapping the second map, The Police Station. This time mapping should go on a faster pacing, and a month from now I plan in releasing a playable demo version of the campaign.

2009.01.22: After an awful day spent downloading Lost at horrible speeds, I finally watched it, and my humor got a bit brighter. So as I promised, I started making the first map, The Suburbs. Right now there is nothing much, just a basic shape of the starting point. I'm learning the basic of L4D mapping, getting to know the new entities and their params.

2009.01.20: It's been quite a long time since I announced the campaign here, but we still don't have the official SDK. I was hoping VALVe would have released it by now, but they didn't. This way I decided to finally start producing the actual maps for the campaigns. Production is set to start this Thursday, January the 22th, with the first map The Suburbs.

Chapter 1: The Suburbs

The survivors must fight their way through the suburbs of Halder City.


  • Main body: 90%
  • Detailing: 50%
  • 3D Skybox: 0%

Chapter 3: The Police Station

After going through the suburbs, the survivors find themselves in a desolated district separating them from their objective.


  • Main body: 75%
  • Detailing: 25%
  • 3D Skybox: 0%

Chapter 4: The Sewers

No Description Yet, sorry :/

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