bedrooms3: Bite Size

bedrooms3: Bite Size tt_sv.png

Author kidying
Date of release Version 1.0: 4 July 2009
.bsp filename bedrooms3.vpk


A quick port of my Team Fortress 2 maps, cp_bedrooms3 and ctf_bedrooms3. This time the map takes place in only one house and is set at night. The survival can shift from room to room and players can use the dynamic props to alter their defense on the fly.

Check out my website, for more info on this and my other maps.

Additional info

Installation instructions:
Double-click 'bedrooms3.vpk' and the map should be automatically installed.
If not, copy 'bedroosm3.vpk' to the '\steamapps\common\left 4 dead\left4dead\addons' directory.

To start a quick match with bots, open the console and type 'exec bedrooms3' without the quotes.

Additional credits

Supernorn for the awesome poster template.


Version 1.0: Final Release

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